Now He Belongs To the Ages : Lincoln Tomb Documentary

This documentary examines the controversy over the tomb's location, its design, construction and reconstruction, and the counterfeiting gang that tried to steal the president's remains. An ideal companion piece for both those who have visited Lincoln Tomb and those who prefer to learn more prior to their visit and is suitable for all ages, from classroom to living room.

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The life of President Abraham Lincoln was tragically cut short by an assassin's bullet on April 15, 1865,. At the wishes of his loving wife Mary, his remains were returned to his home town of Springfield, Illinois. The Lincoln Monument in Oak Ridge Cemetery was erected to preserve the memory of President Lincoln's selfless dedication to preserving the United States of America.

Also located within Oak Ridge Cemetery are three memorials honoring Illinoisans who answered their country's call to service in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The union preserved by Lincoln was defended by these courageous men and women in the global conflicts of the mid-20th Century.


Read about the history of the tomb, from its construction and descriptions of the interior, to the rennovations and burials of the Lincoln family. There is also a brochure for download with additional information.

Hours & Directions

Interested in visiting the tomb or one of the War Memorials? We provide a listing of hours for access to the historic sites and directions for those traveling from out of town.

Virtual Tour

For those that cannot physically visit the tomb, you can view an immersive virtual walkthough of the tomb. You need to have Quicktime installed, but will not work in Google Chrome.