About Us

The Lincoln Monument Association 

Created to promote citizen awareness of the historical heritage of the Lincoln Tomb and War Memorials State Historic Site within Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. The Association’s goal is to support interpretative and educational programs, preservation efforts, special events and demonstrations, volunteer programs and the continued care of the historic site.

The original monument association, named The National Lincoln Monument Association, was started, immediately after President Lincoln’s assassination and death in April 1865, to raise awareness and funds for his final resting place “which would fitly illustrate his virtues and renoun”. Donations and contributions were collected from across America’s citizenry over the next several years that fueled a design contest for the martyred President’s memorial. A design by Larkin G. Mead, of Brattleboro, Vermont, was selected and construction began in 1868. The Lincoln Monument was dedicated by President Ulysses S. Grant on October 15, 1874. The original Lincoln Monument Association continued until the last member passed away in 1894 when it was disbanded and the tomb passed into the ownership and care of the State of Illinois.

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